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Tana Goertz is an internationally-recognized entrepreneur, speaker, radio host, author, project manager, and success coach.
Tana attracted national attention when she appeared for 18 weeks on NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump.  Chosen from among one million applicants to vie for a position at the Trump Organization, Tana became one of the finalists, and was the winner of The Street Smarts Team. She is also known as a finalist in another hit reality show "Fear Factor", as well as the spokesperson for The Bedazzler. 

Today Tana is seizing opportunities and sharing her tips on how to succeed in business and in life as an accomplished professional speaker who educates, motivates, and inspires people to take immediate action through her highly energetic presentations. She uses her detailed life experiences to drive home her key points.

In Tana's most popular presentations; "The Art of Being Unforgettable", and "Love the Skin or Fin You're In" participants will return to work Fired-Up and excited to make a difference and see significant improvements in their job, projects, and their personal development!

So many people are forgettable. I say go out and be unforgettable!

Tana also has her own weekly radio segment, called "Hey Tana Time", where she gives people practical solutions to everyday problems of life.

Tana has tapped into one of her passions by developing self-esteem workshops for elementary aged children and at risk young adults.  These presentations help individuals gain confidence and self-esteem, as well as teach the importance and value of self control and good decision making.
Donald Trump has stated that Tana has '"that rare combination of laid-back charm and razor sharp execution.  She doesn't put up with nonsense," (In Touch Magazine).
Tana combines a 'can-do' attitude, spirit, and energy with vision and execution to propel individuals beyond their current limitations.

She volunteers her time and genuine love for special needs children any chance she gets, and is affiliated with many non-profit charities and diversity groups.

Tana lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband and two children.

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