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Hey Parents, teach your children some manners and respect, not to hate!

Hate, Disrespect, Unacceptance

Love, Positivity, AcceptanceHate, Disrespect, Unacceptance

Instead of teaching your children to hate why not teach them some manners and how to respect their elders.

Back in my day parents taught their children right from wrong, good manners, the importance of respecting your elders, the things that matter in this world, or used to. Now a-days, parents aren’t spending much time with their kids, but when they do, they spew their false talking points they got from CNN, show their obvious insecurities, and outright hate and jealously for the wealthy.

I was so excited when I became an author of my first book, “I”m Bigger than This” a book that encourages children to dream BIG, to embrace their individuality and to accept others. I tried for years to get my children’s book on the bookshelves at Barnes & Noble without any success. I was told by their marketing team that self-help books for kids don’t sell. Then I see this is what Barnes & Noble, a liberal owned book store, is allowing and promoting in their CHILDREN’S section of their stores and on their website.

For the record President Donald Trump is;

– The Commander and Chief 🇺🇸
– The Leader of our free world 🇺🇸
– The President of the United States of America 🇺🇸
– Works for free, he doesn’t take a salary, he’s donated every pay check since he’s been in office💰
– Has 5 children that all love him and respect him.

Love him or hate him, he’s our leader and this is beyond disrespectful. Parents have the important job of mentoring children to go out into the world to be productive, professional, poised individuals, like the Trump kids.

A lot of people are failing at their job.

Anyone who allows their children to engage in this kind of disrespect should be ashamed of themselves and terrified of the offspring they are creating.