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Success Coaching

One hour with Tana will have you thinking and speaking differently! It’s time you invest in YOU.

Today, personal growth is hot – diagnosis is not. Tana gives you the confidence needed to get “unstuck” from your rut and take your life to the next level – removing road blocks in your life and shattering all the excuses. Are you ready to reach your full potential? If you want to excel in your career, repair or get out of unhealthy relationships, or to simply become happier, wait no longer.
If you have a team that needs to be motivated & encouraged by someone other than you Tana will teach them to reach for the stars, you can’t afford to not hire Tana for the job. Let the pro take your team to the finish line while you reap the glory of success.

Mary Kay knew what she was doing when she hired Tana to teach thousands of sales consultants across the country how to sell cosmetics. Tana can teach you how to sell the most important product- you.

Utilizing Street Smarts and positive thinking, Tana helps individuals tap into their inner power immediately. An hour with Tana will have you wondering what you’ve been doing all this time. She teaches people to think outside of the box, how to only focus on meaningful results, and how to see your own value and worth.
Today is the day to begin living the life you’ve always wanted. Don’t wait another minute contact Tana to begin thinking and achieving like a winner. If you want to succeed set up a consultation today 515-991-3440.

Most people wish they could change something about their life, but that’s as far as it goes. Wishing doesn’t change anything! I work with those willing to invest their time & resources into creating a better reality and unlimited possibilities. 

I know from my vast experience that people are capable of truly amazing things when given the opportunity to learn the right mindset.  Having a coach can be all the encouragement you need. Once you get unstuck you’ll be motivated to quickly apply the skills needed to transform your life. If that’s what you want, and you’re ready to make amazing things happen, I can help you. 

My coaching rates and session packages are below, see what one resonates with you. For all prospective clients we’ll schedule a free consultation call so we can get acquainted and explore your challenges and goals. This also makes sure you get the coaching package that is right for you and to confirm that we are comfortable working together before you spend a dime.




If you’re serious about getting unstuck quickly and creating positive, forward momentum, this is the package for you.


6 sessions one call a week gives us time to get some serious work done and fast.


If all you know is that something in your life needs to change this package is for you. It provides an opportunity for us to get to the core of the problem and to come up with a powerful strategy to create a realistic solution.


This package is for you if:


  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere.
  • There’s an obstacle or challenge that keeps getting in your way.
  • Your life or business is stuck on hold and needs a jolt of energy.


What’s included?

  • Six one-hour focused coaching sessions via phone.
  • Priority email and text support from me for the duration of your coaching.



$900.00 (1 call per week for 6 weeks)





Do you have an important dream or goal that keeps getting put on the sideline? Do you feel that you could make it happen if you had some coaching, help, guidance, time, and support?


Working together we’ll break your goal down into manageable steps to create a focused strategy to accomplish each goal in the right order. Regardless of whether your goal is personal or professional, you’ll always know what you need to do next and I’ll be there to help you each step of the way.


This package is for you if:


  • You feel ready to accomplish something that will change your life.
  • The time has arrived to stop thinking about it and make it happen.
  • You would feel more confident with some help and support.


What’s included?

  • 12 one-hour focused coaching sessions via phone.
  • Priority email and text support for the duration of your coaching.



$1800 (1 call per week for 3 months)





Are you ready for a life and/or business makeover? Would you like to make some major changes in your business and completely reinvent your life? Are you ready for a new you with a new mindset?

Making a bold move can be scary, but it can also transform a mundane existence into an exciting & passionate adventure.


The secret to completely reinventing your life successfully is to start with the person you are at your very core and work outwardly from there. I will find out what isn’t working and fix that!


This package is for you if:


  • You’ve recently been taken advantage of in life or in business.
  • You’ve just gone through a divorce or a bad break up and know a more meaningful life can be yours.
  • You”re tired and ready for a new way of thinking.


What’s included?

  • 24 one-hour focused coaching sessions via phone.
  • Priority email and text support for the duration of your coaching.



$3600 (2 calls per week for 3 months)

Business Coaching Rates

  • $200 per hour for the 1st hour each session; $150 for each subsequent hour if on a monthly or yearly plan
  • Initial phone consultation call with Tana- no charge
  • One hour with Tana will be the best investment you've made in a LONG time, you are worth it
  • If out of the area $200 per hour plus travel & expenses
  • Invest in your future and team today
  • Don't hesitate call Tana at 515-991-3440


“10 minutes into my first session with Tana, I was ready to stay (and pay) for a yearly package. My work with Tana has brought new confidence, joy, and a bigger, better, more beautiful vision for my business and life. I absolutely can’t get enough of her positive energy, generous spirit, business acumen, and unwavering belief in others.” -Grace

“Hiring Tana was the best money ever spent, I learned more in one hour with her than 15 years experience on the job.” -Allison

“When I met Tana I knew I needed to work with her, she infused confidence in me and held me accountable for my success or failure. She taught me failing wasn’t an option.” -Mike

“Tana taught me how to THINK, ACT & COMPETE like a winner and I won my first national championship because of her.” -Jake

“Tana brought me increased confidence, but also increased revenue as she would not allow me to roll over and settle for less money during a vicious law suit with my ex-wife. I owe her my entire retirement fund.” -Jeff

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