Catching The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? In this presentation, you will learn the essential elements that a person must have to start or build their own successful business.

I stress that a successful entrepreneur must be:

 Personable: Be able to connect with people every hour of every day.
 Creative: Predict issues before they arise and find imaginative solutions to tough problems.
 Passionate: Passion is the driving force behind every endeavor – a must-have!
 Risk Tolerant: Get outside your comfort zone – be a doer, not a dreamer!
 Self-Motivated: Work without anything or anyone pushing you along.
 Brandable: Find what is unique about your business and toot your own horn.
 Tough Under Pressure: Handle criticism and bounce back from failure.

The message is very clear – EVERYONE must know what you do or sell. You’ll leave this presentation ready to go out and successfully take on the world!

This has been a great presentation for:

 Universities and Colleges
 Commencement Ceremonies
 Freshmen Orientations