Love The Skin You’re In

Are you realizing your full potential, or do you strive to be the person others want you to be? In this unique diversity presentation, I will instill my mantra for BU! – Being Yourself.

Participants will learn how to embrace and utilize their own diversity, banishing the negativity and judgment they may have received about their differences in the past. They will see how to accept and be grateful for the diversity in others, magnifying the strength and potential of the teams and communities in which they are involved.

A great topic for any diversity event, “Love the Skin or Fin You’re In!” ties in with my children’s book, I’m Bigger Than This! Participants will leave this session open to all different aspects of diversity and welcome differences in others. They will be motivated to truly be themselves, realizing the path to their full potential, both at work and in their lives, lies within themselves.

This has been a great presentation for:

 Diversity Groups
 Elementary Schools
 Day Camps/Youth Groups