Your attitude can make or break your life.

Tana recently speaking to a group of female leaders, in Oklahoma City, OK

State Federation Presidents Meeting 

Your attitude is your superpower!

Tana encouraged the leaders to make a choice to become more positive. She demonstrated how a leader’s disposition affects any organization.

Here are Tana’s reasons why a positive attitude can make or break a leader:

1. Your attitude is contagious.
Positive teams are productive teams. Therefore it is critical to commit to a consistent positive attitude.

2. Enthusiasm is motivational.
When you are leading with a positive attitude people will go above and beyond what is necessary. When people feel appreciated, they become more confident and productive.

3. Attitude directs our relationships.
When you are positive, it’s easier to build a network of advocates and champions who are happy to be on the team.

4. Positivity creates resilience.
The better your attitude, the quicker you rebound after a setback. When people see your resilience, they feel braver and stronger also.

5. Optimism improves problem-solving.
Optimism allows you to see beyond the problem and recognize potential solutions. Hopeful people are less likely to wallow in frustration.

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